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类别: 游戏 益智

开发者: Lume Studio Ltd.

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An addictive multilevel slide puzzle game that combines puzzles, adventures and battles, offering you a tough challenge and unique brainstorming opportunity as you tap to slide and solve your way out of mazes. Sharpen your mental reflexes with physics puzzles in this isometric, time killer game where you block, flip and match tiles, and unblock paths to solve physics games, collect precious gems and unlock new levels.
· Innovative slide block game with challenging brain teasers for Rubik’s cube fans and speedcubers
· Isometric illusion game where you tap puzzle tiles to block or unblock your way out of the maze
· Play brain games alone or with your friends. Match blocks or match colors to solve Rubik’s cube-styled puzzle games, fight boss battles and be a magic star to win all the gems
· Use your brain prowess, imagination and magic boosts to solve this multilevel puzzle game
· Get your dose of adventure with this game as you maneuver escaping the fire, spiked blocks and angry bosses (demons)
· The ultimate time killer brainstorming game where you need to find hidden doors and paths to escape from the maze.
· Available for a free download for Android devices with an option to buy in-game items such as extra moves or lives

Edge Flip: Slide & Solve Adventure is an addictive game where you solve puzzles by matching blocks or tiles to reveal mysteries, hidden paths, keys, and doors to collect all gems to get the chest rewards. Find the exit out of complex and mind-boggling mazes across different levels of increasing difficulty in this multilevel game. Some ferocious bosses or demons challenge you for battle – slide tiles to solve cryptic puzzles and find a way to defeat the bosses. Magic boosters add a fun twist to the game as they help users in fighting mighty bosses and unblocking exit paths.

This unique brainstorming game app with engaging features and attractive graphics is designed to ensnare your imagination and all your senses. Seemingly simple, the slide game is tough to master and is ideal for filling your idle time and developing your mental faculties.

Each stage of the slide game is riddled with mysteries and challenges that pump up your adrenaline as you cruise through the adventures this gaming app offers you. This puzzle game app is free to download and is suitable for ages

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