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开发者: EchieApps

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Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
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Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol应用截图
When paw world night falls in an old paw world filled with patrulha canina mystery, patrol paw ryder gets an emergency paw puppy call to save patrol lots of the townspeople from being a halloween paw night creature, paw ryder dash has super patrol adventure paw puppy, this patrol games free for youngsters and of all ages with smooth controls, allows you to maneuver right, left and jump or fight skull on the road very easily, achieve the very best score to ascertain epic dances paw ryder, you'll never get bored while watching paw aptrol, collect coins and find out new super patrol paw characters!

This is the newest patrol game that's very unique with the jungle theme of an evening in an old paw world, collect all the patrol paw coins to use your favorite patrol paw characters, during this patrol paw game you'll find tons of boosters when playing during this patrulha canina game like jetpacks, super sneakers, coin magnets or coin multipliers use them well to realize your high score and do not forget to be the simplest patrulha canina dash, never hand over on your journey on the old city street patrulha canina, you'll always find a paw puppy friend who is prepared to assist , and patrols are able to prevent at any time.

Oh no the skull is chasing and can catch paw ryder, let's help show the thanks to paw ryder and other patrol paw so as to not stray within the darkness of the night while fleeing from witches and evil skulls, the paw puppy patrol has been locked within the old city and paw ryder needs you to guide him to flee the evil skulls and rescue all paw puppy patrol.

This patrol games free may be a very exciting and challenging patrol running paw game, during this paw adventure paw game all the rescue pups, stray during a mystery old city on Halloween night, Paw Ryder must patrol run to save lots of himself and find all the rescue pups, Get the paw puppy patrol run during this mysterious old city and luxuriate in the awesome patrol games free and obtain your highest score with all patrol fans, continuing to specialise in all the pups energy of the patrol characters you play.

- a patrulha canina game with many levels that are very exciting
- choose your favorite patrol canin character
- the brave patrol game is extremely smooth when run
- use very easy brave patrol game controls
- the most recent and really unique world paw game
- Addictive, thrilling and challenging patrol canina old town patrol road
- Jump, or run left or right to avoid the patrol paw obstacles and skull
- Patrol games free and straightforward to play
- Atractive geometry and delightful patrol canina scenes
- Your favourite patrol paw ryder character
- 3 different characters to settle on from patrol games free

Lets download and play Paw Ryder Night Escape Patrol free for teenagers

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