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Fast Download Accelerator is an application which accelerates download made through the app. A complex algorithm has been used to achieve so. Long story short, the file is divided into various chunks (number of chunks depend on the number of threads) and all chunks are downloaded simultaneously, making optimum use of your bandwidth.

Built-in browser and accessing your downloads history on any phone are some of the awesome features available in Fast Download Accelerator.

1. Use the built-in browser, browse for a file anywhere on the internet.
2. Long-click on the file to be downloaded and hurray! A popup will appear containing the link of the file.
3. Set a name and extension (both are optional).
4. Press the download button and the download starts.

Instead of the built-in browser, you can definitely use another one and just copy its link to the app 'New Download' feature. Long click on a link in the built-in browser triggers new download.
Additionally, the browser does a page analysis to show downloads that are possible.

You're strongly advised to look at the Privacy Policy (available on the Read Me tab) before starting to use this app for the intended purpose.
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类别: 工具 应用

安卓包名: ak1195.downloadaccelerator

开发者:AK1195 Apps


系统要求:Android 8.0+

文件大小:19.2 MB



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