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Urban Connect is a corporate mobility provider in Switzerland and other European countries. 
We strive to supply companies with All-in-One mobility packages that ensure fast and convenient traveling for their employees. E-cars, e-bikes or e-scooters - we have sustainable vehicles for any length of commute. Our clients use the fleets provided by us to travel to their meetings, visit lunch sites with colleagues, perform morning & evening commutes as well as to reach work campuses. 

Our app is a unique sharing tool for your company to become more mobile, eco-friendly and independent from city jams and parking shortages. Its simple and user-friendly design and infrastructure help your employees book and unlock a vehicle of choice within seconds.

Download the app and register with your work email address to start using your corporate fleet today!

The app is connected to the smart lock via Bluetooth technology. Make sure to have your Bluetooth on whenever you use the app. 

Pick your location to find out what vehicles are available for reservation. 

Each location has a range of vehicles that varies in size and model. Choose the one you think fits you best.

Reservation of the vehicle allows you to unlock it. To do so - press the release button in the app. The lock will open automatically. To lock the vehicle - press the release button in the app and pull the lock handle down (if you are using an (e)-bike). 

Return your corporate vehicle to one of the parkings defined by your employer. Pick the right parking location in the app, confirm that the vehicle is locked and return it in the app thus making it available to your fellow colleagues. Sharing is caring :)

Should you have experienced any problems with the vehicles and/or our service, please inform us about those upon returning the vehicle in the app. Use ‘Any defects?’ button to do so.

Choose the info icon in the right upper corner of the app and get yourself informed! FAQs, video tutorial and terms & conditions are some of the items you may find useful while using our app and service. Leave us some feedback as well. We appreciate your input!  

Our All-in-One mobility package incorporates the following items and services: 
- High quality vehicles and accessories

- Your corporate branding 

- Regular and emergency maintenance

- Vehicle sharing app

- Fleet intelligence 

- Customer support and all operational matters

- Insurance and many more...

Find out the full list of benefits as well as further details about our offering on our website www.urban-connect.ch 

Accelerating the shift to a low-carbon economy!
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