Finger King Funny Skill Game


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** Finger Skill Game **

Can you go through all those hard and stressful ways without hitting your ball? Take part in this adventure game full of traps. Simple and very fun finger game is completely free.


A simple and fun finger game. All you have to do is hold you hand on the screen and drag the ball.

You can go on different paths and tracks from each other and you will encounter diamonds on the way by collecting various balls from each other can add entertainment to your entertainment.

A track game where you can play without getting bored. All you have to do is to move the ball slowly while keeping your finger pressed on the screen, while at the same time moving forward without hitting and bumping off the roads.

- Smooth ball dynamics.
- Different tracks and roads.
- Various candy animal themed balls.
- Challenging trails.
- The tracks are accelerating.
- Colorful and fun world.
- Completely free.

Come on, are you gonna be the finger king?

Have fun.
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类别: 街机 游戏

安卓包名: co.samur.fingerking

开发者:Samur Studio


系统要求:Android 5.0+

文件大小:29.8 MB



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