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?#1 SELFIE APP in 6 countries
?OVER 3.5 MILLION users worldwide
?ALL trendy retouch tools
?Makeup by MUA

⭐️ MAKEUP BY MUA. Try out makeup looks approved by our beauty experts.
⭐️CELEBRITY MATCH. Find out who is your perfect celebrity look-alike.
⭐️LIGHTING. Improve your photos with poor lighting.
⭐️ADJUST SYMMETRY. Ensure your facial features look balanced and vibrant.
⭐️FACE RETOUCH. Enhance your natural beauty with us.
⭐️INSTANT RESULTS. Take gorgeous selfies and videos.
⭐️EASY TO SHARE. Send your top-level selfies easily to anyone.

Enjoy the the moment - let us take care of your beauty!



Get exclusive makeup looks designed by professional MUA! Adjust the perfect lighting, find your best angles, remove blemishes to showcase your true beauty and keep the full creative control over your images in real-time!

Easysnap is a blast! With this app, we try to redefine luxury beauty by making it accessible. In Easysnap you don't have to break the bank to look gorgeous. This app is for women who relish their individuality and dare to express it.

Here everyone can own their beauty, without compromise. Easysnap is a wallet-friendly app that keeps our users at the center of our world. Our new smart technology, with the help of our beauty experts, can create 100+ better-than-ever makeup just for you. Find the perfect look for every occasion using our virtual try-on. It will not only apply makeup, but also will make your skin dewy and radiant!

Have you ever dreamt about professional makeup by MUA? Yes? Easysnap is here to help you. It includes a unique collection of the most trendy makeup looks, which were designed especially for you by our beauty experts. Easily choose a new makeup look, hair color or just simply dress your lips in red and feel like a diva again.

Easysnap – the most accurate app in the world to find your face look alike. It's fast, easy and fun. Take selfies, and we'll do the rest. In a second you'll meet your celebrity twin. If you are not satisfied, just tap on the Reload button, and we'll find your best match again.


✨Selfie Camera
Our facial detection technology gives you the most true-to-life makeup in real-time. Also you can upload a photo or video from the gallery and change your look with a tap. No other selfie editor needed.

✨Smart Face Editor
Slim down your face if you wish. Make your nose smaller and eyes larger or choose ‘no filter’ – it’s up to you.

✨Clear Skin
Get glowing skin and radiate positive vibes. Your every shot becomes worthy of 1M likes. In seconds!

✨Blemish Remover
Makeup is about self-expression. It's not about covering your flaws. It's the chance to show the world who you are. Lines, bags, and pimples have nothing to do with your selfie. The beauty camera removes all facial flaws automatically.

✨Natural Beauty
In this app, you can become a professional stylist. Make your own at-home makeup studio, and create your own unique style. Find suitable hair and lip color. Try on tons of shades available and find your perfect one.

✨Instant Results
Take professional photos effortlessly. Open the app, and it does all the rest.

✨Share in a Tap
Whether you love your new makeup so much you need to show it off. All you need to do is take a photo or video with a new mesmerizing makeup look, and share it with all your social networks.

Enjoy your beauty camera for FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Create your first makeup look now.
Show the world who you are!
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