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  • Shinobi MMO - Rising截图


Same shinobi, same server, with ORIGINAL icons.
Shinobi MMO is a game based on the Oriental universe. The best open world 2D rpg game from the playstore.
You can become a great warrior by being able to explore different continents, find secret villages, progress in ranks, as well as being able to attack or ally yourself with other players!
You can choose an element that suits you, have exclusive items and enviable outfits.

In addition the game has riding systems, pets, summons, guild, party and more! Everything so that you have a greater immersion in the game.
What are you waiting for? Choose from 5 classes and start your journey.

The game also has a wide range of quests, allowing you to make a pact with a type of animal, fighting tailed beasts together with other friends on the server!
Events separated by level and pvp events performed personally by GMs

If bugs are found, we would appreciate if they send illustrated emails with screenshots to our email. For anime fans like naruto!

The game is balanced monthly and with more than 1 year of operation, we plan to continuously improve the game.
Any suggestions are extremely welcome.
New to the game? Join the Discord community through the game to find out what's going on and how to play it.
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类别: 角色扮演 游戏

安卓包名: com.risesgame.shinobimmorising

开发者:Rises Game Developers


系统要求:Android 4.4+

文件大小:47.5 MB



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