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MAKEID-Life is a printing technology based electronic stationary company specialized in cultural and creative products of “Print-and-Paste”, to make the life more convenient and interesting with good-looking, handy and entertaining portable printers and various tapes. Welcome to play with MAKEID-Life.
JINGJING provides two totally different types of tape printer: adorable and amusing Lovely Series Tape Printer is a good helper to keep your home tidy and new playmate of children. Classic vintage Classic Series Tape Printer is a necessary single item to decorate your life.
I. Fast edit logo, Print-and-Paste. Use logos to help you with storage and arrangement and tapes to decorate your life.
[Fast template] Select a template to create labels quickly and label items in one step.
[Innovative typeface] 17 kinds of innovative typefaces to make your labels more creative.
[Funny emojis] 600+ creative designs to add personalized stickers for your labels to make your label impressive and nice.
[Entertaining border] Illustration border and lovely border make your label more charming.
[One-button printed shelf life] One button to get current date (M/D/Y) and print in one step, to make shelf life labeling more convenient.
[Doodle board] Draw your own marks on cellphone and help children at picture-reading age to sort their things through patterns.
[QR code printing] Print QR code, Print-and-Use.

II. Your guide of life-related logos to provide more logos of scenes of life. You can print all kinds of labels needed in life to keep your life in good order.
1. You may fix unsealing date and purchasing date labels on food, drugs and cosmetics. A small label will make the whole family feel secure.
2. You may label the exclusive things of babies to protect their growth.
3. You may select different typeface, symbol and border to design labels. A paste to make your life orderly and more fun.
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