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At Xapo, we’re firm believers that no matter who you are or where you're from, you deserve easy access to digital financial services.
Xapo is your alternative to traditional banking. We’re a digital wallet that allows you to easily and safely send, receive, store and spend any traditional currencies and bitcoin.

Manage your money

• Use a variety of methods to add money to your Xapo account such as bank transfer, credit card, bitcoin transfer, and more!
• Create spending accounts to send, receive and exchange up to 150 traditional currencies and bitcoin.
• Create savings accounts to store traditional currencies and bitcoin in our ultra-secure Vaults.
• Share your accounts we people you trust and co-manage your finances. Give them different permissions to keep control of your money.
• Follow your account’s activity in detail with real-time notifications.

We’ve developed the most secure alternative-banking platform in the world, complete with a global network of ultra-secure bitcoin Vaults. Because industry standard security measures are good, but when it comes to protecting your livelihood, “good” isn’t good enough.
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