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Sip And Swap : Go Offline , Get Rewarded !

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  • Sip And Swap : Go Offline , Get Rewarded !截图
  • Sip And Swap : Go Offline , Get Rewarded !截图
Go Offline, Get Rewarded!

Listed Rewards:
Free Prepaid Mobile Recharge
Free Top-Seller Books
Free Book My Show Movie, Events, Play Voucher
Free Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar Subscription
Discounted Products, Event Tickets And Much More!

Rewards are updated every month.

How to claim rewards:
Get 5 points for every 20 minutes that you stay offline.
The longer you stay offline, the more points you can collect.
Use these reward points to unlock exciting offers and discounted tickets.

About Sip And Swap:
With a generation who has easy access to things right on their finger tips and pretty much occupied with the world wide web, we felt there was a need to take them offline. Get them to do something as simple and uncomfortable as keeping their phone away. With the help of the Sip and Swap App we are not only taking them offline but getting them to do something they wouldn't otherwise do - talk to strangers, meet new people and most importantly start building their own stories with interesting experiences.

*Click On “Take Me Offline” Button to disconnect from the online world and distractions.
* Do Not Disturb Mode will be activated once you go offline.
*Timer will stop in-case you exit the app for more than 5 seconds and no points will be allotted.
*Limited Notification: You won’t be bothered by What’s App, Instagram, Facebook, Email Etc. Notifications when offline so you can focus on studying, working, sleeping or driving.
*In-coming calls are allowed for only 5 minutes. The timer will stop in-case the call exceeds 5 minutes.
*Make sure you go offline for at-least 20 minutes at a stretch to earn at-least 5 Points.
Next 5 points will be allotted after completing another 20 minutes.



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