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开发者: Cheeseplay Games

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Pixel Art Color – Free Paint by Number Art Game应用截图
Pixel Art Color – Free Paint by Number Art Game应用截图
Pixel Art Color – Free Paint by Number Art Game应用截图
Pixel Art Color – Free Paint by Number Art Game应用截图
The Best Pixel coloring game with tons of FREE color by number pictures for you to paint. Blow your stress and anxiety away with this anti stress pixel color game!

Choose from a wide range of fascinating artworks and dive into the color world by coloring number blocks. Enjoy amazing shades of pixel arts and create your own artworks for Free and share them with your Friends!

We offer great variety of coloring art perfect for every taste and mood:
Animal Pixel Art Color
Food Pixel Art Color
Birds Pixel Art Color
Flower Pixel Art Color
And Many More!

Pixel Number Colouring App Features:
Unlimited Free pixel artworks to choose from. Color by number and pixels. Unicorns, Birds, Animals, Food, Places and other coloring pages from easy to detailed. You will never run out of free pixel image artworks!
Easy to use and color. Enjoy a simple and interactive interface with dozens of features.
Use two fingers to zoom in and out to adjust picture size perfect for you
Get New artworks updated daily to kill your boredom by coloring number pictures!
Relieve stress by coloring number blocks and discover your inner artist!

How to paint by numbers? It’s easy! Just use two fingers to zoom a picture till cells with numbers appear. Choose colours in the palette and colour cells with matching numbers pixel by pixel. You don't need WiFi to play this coloring by number game!

Pixel Coloring app by number is an entertaining game app both for Kids and Adults. It is perfect to kill your boredom and relieve stress by coloring number blocks of pixel art and images. You will get unlimited daily new number pixel artworks to color numbers and enjoy!

Pixel Art Color is more than just a coloring app. It’s an amazing way to relax and relieve your stress, while you discover your inner artist with the most satisfying drawing experience!

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