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开发者: Made in India- Free Staff Attendance & Payroll App

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Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
Salary Box- Staff Attendance & Payment Management应用截图
SalaryBox is the best employee attendance and payment manager app.
SalaryBox is a completely free HRMS payroll app that enables employers to track attendance, working hours, overtime, salary advance payment, loans, bonus, and deductions.
SalaryBox app is tailor-made for small businesses and it works even in offline mode or poor internet connectivity.
SalaryBox replaces the outdated method of maintaining the attendance and payment records in registers and khata books / bahi, making it simple to manage daily wage workers

SalaryBox app can be used by all businesses, be it large or small business, to monitor the attendance of their employees.
Use SalaryBox, a location specific attendance replace your bio-metric attendance systems.
With SalaryBox, you can take employee attendance directly from their mobile device, so employers don't need to invest in a bio-metric attendance machine.
1. Business admins can set a particular radius (geo-fence radius) within which employees can mark their attendance. Employees can only check-in and check-out when they are within the defined attendance or geo-fenced area
2. Employees can view their personal attendance and work hours details using their employee login
3. It allows employees to mark their attendance within decided range/area or from anywhere. It captures the exact Check in / out time of employees. Hence you can track your employee’s attendance from your mobile anytime
4. It captures in and out timings, and hence you can auto calculate attendance based on punch timings.
5. Track total work hours and over-time automatically
Manual attendance –
With the manual attendance feature managers can update missed Time In/Out punches, overtime hours through their admin app.
Time Keeping / Time Tracking From Mobile / Attendance From Mobile -
Time Keeping is process to track employee working time and their attendance. SalaryBox enables an organization to keep employee timings.

Record payments-
Manage all the payments you make to your employees or daily wage workers on SalaryBox App.

Automate salary calculations
SalaryBox automates salary calculation as hourly, biweekly, monthly, and annual amounts as defined by business admins. Adjustments are made for holidays and vacation days.

Salary and pay management-
Generate payslips or salary slips for your staff and share it in a pdf format on whatsapp.

Reminders and Notifications -
Send in-app notifications, sms & whatsapp notifications to employees / staff about work, holidays, shift-timings, payments, bonuses, daily work, attendance & leaves.
Keep Employee Records / Free HRMS Payroll
Admins can keep employee's information like Name, mobile no, email, employee id, DOJ, DOB, Department, and Designation.
Other key Features of SalaryBox:
1. Multiple company registrations
2. Add multiple company branches, sites, offices or shops in different cities or localities
3. Add branch wise public holidays
4. Add branch wise new employees, set working hours for shifts, map geofence and android phone
5. Mark attendance.
6. Export branch wise employee’s attendance report in PDF and excel format.
7. Add, view & analyse Time Sheets.
8. Send branch wise notifications to all the employees.
9. Pay management
10. UPI Payment
11. Live track employees
12. PF/ESI Management

Ideal for all the for micro small medium enterprises and business and its 100% Free & Easy to use.

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