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游戏 冒险

Tom Felton      96.5 MB

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Welcome to your worst nightmare! This is a scary room escape & breakout games in a very creepy old school building that will give you goosebumps and night terror. You must find 3 keys to escape the room before the psycho girl catches and butcher you like the worst serial killer in the history. So, you must be careful when you explore the class, the locker room and everywhere to find the keys needed to escape. If you’ve ever played or heard about hello neighbor or try to escape from granny house, you will love Zabel!
Storyline: you are trapped in Catholic School, and you must find the keys to get out. Not only the room is dark. It’s also haunted by the psycho girl,Unlike the other breakout games, you have to avoid the butcher while solving the enigmas. The school is definitely scarier than the granny’s house you’ve escaped from and the slenderman is more frightening than the scariest mad hello neighbor villain you’ve ever encountered. Even entering the game with its scary music and environment will give you goosebumps. Playing this game can give you a nightmare or night terror, much more than watching any horror movies. Do you dare to enter?

💀Super creepy, dark, and scary game environment that will give you goosebumps.
💀Frightening scare jump villain in the form of a serial killer ghost.
💀Don’t let the school girl catch you or she will butcher you to pieces.
💀Landscape mode playing with 2 hands control.
💀Simple, responsive game control.
💀Turn on or off your flashlight.
💀Challenging room layout & enigmas for fans of breakout games.
💀Test your bravery and see if you can overcome this nightmare!
You don’t have to wait until Halloween to play spooky games like Zabel, our best and most terrifying horror breakout game. You can play it anytime you want. If you are really brave, you can wait until Friday the 13th or when there’s rain and thunderstorm outside. It’s a fun activity for sleepover party. You can even play it when you are alone in the cabin, in the middle of the woods if you dare!

WARNING! This game is not recommended if you have heart problems, anxiety, or for young children. We design this game for people who love horror movies while solving enigmas or puzzles. We are not responsible if you get scared and have night terrors or nightmare for days after playing our game. Remember that this is scarier and more challenging than escaping from granny house or evading capture in hello neighbor! Don’t say we don’t warn you!
So, what are you waiting for? Download and play Zabel right now!
We hope you really enjoy the thrill of escaping from the serial killer! We certainly have a lot of fun (and nightmare) designing our scary school escape game. If you like and enjoy it, please give a great rating and review so horror game fans can also find and play Zabel!



开发者:Tom Felton


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