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Cartoon Cat Horror Escape

开发者: Witch Way

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Do you like black cat horror game or horror new games? Then you are on the right place be the part of this cartoon cat horror escape game and have realistic horror stories kartun kat game. In this SCP cartoon cat jump scare killer game, Two of friends are roaming on the roads, they reached on old mart and they listened rumors about this scary cat from few days, they become curious and want to explore it, they entered into the mart and it was dark every side, from here new real cartoon cat horror adventure starts when they suddenly listened some people are scream loudly, we ran towards them and saw humanoid creatures which looks like black cat cartoon having horror long teeth. Cartoon cat is leaving for a long time in this mart and mysterious activities happened in the town with cartoon cat escape game. They decided to explore this mart to know, what is the matter about cartoon cat?

Before entering into this mart you have to solve different mysteries, turn on the main switch to enter into the mart, find the torch to explore the mart. Want to spend four nights with scary cat and cartoon cat When you listened rumors that a strange creatures lives in the mart, you don’t believe this at first but when something terrible happened, you decided to find what is the matter behind this scary cat or scary cartoon cat horror escape. In this scp cartoon cat jumpscare killer game, don’t afraid from this scary cartoon cat, solve puzzles and save your town from this cartoon cat or horror new escape game.

With this horror new game or black cat horror game, we bring an amazing fun for you, just be the part of this cartoon cat horror escape. You have already know that this cartoon cat creature is from SCP 1923, the product of monstrous experiments. They revealed lots of information about angry cartoon cat and it could be cardboard cat SCP but a little resemblance with Siren head SCP.

This is horror game or horror escape game with an amazing puzzles, keep you busy for hours. Cartoon cat horror escape is based on interesting gameplay where you have to solve lots of mysterious to reveal the truth. The high quality graphics and realistic horror sound effects takes you to the next level, where you will feel the real horror fun with this new cartoon cat horror escape.

Aspects for Cartoon Cat Horror Escape

• High quality graphics
• Astonishing horror environment
• Different and amazing mysterious to solve
• Four nights at Mart with cartoon cat

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2021年04月10日 17:44:27
2021年04月10日 17:44:27
Android 4.4+
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